Happy national lipstick day!

HEEEEYYYYYY, everybody, did you know it was National Lipstick Day?


Me neither! 😀 But various beauty blogs have let me know about it this very day, including NY Mag’s 48 classic shades of lipstick.  While I have heard of many of these classics (“Cherries in the Snow,” anyone?) I haven’t worn many of them. I’m finding the Tom Ford lipsticks intriguing — I’d really like to try a berry this fall — but given my redheadedness, I need to keep an eye on the magenta factor! Also, this list…I can think of many other shades representative of their time, so maybe they were going for what’s available to purchase now? That said, Urban Decay’s “Gash” was pretty representative of its time, AND they’ve brought it back. I would have liked to see that replace one of the many MAC shoutouts…

It’s interesting to see these “classics.” I spent college (and beyond) being a little goth girl so it was MAC’s now-discontinued “Rage” for me (hey, I can get it for $79 bucks on eBay!), along with some L’oreal shades and the occasional Wet n’Wild.

Post-college (early 90s, m’kay?) it was MAC’s Twiggy (aka “Twig”) for work, along with the aforementioned Rage for nights out. I think I also wore a very light, pale pink frosted Prescriptives shade somewhere in there when they did a Mod-themed collection. I’m really wishing I had my Caboodle full of this stuff so I could go back and see…

2000s is actually more difficult for me to remember (because I’M OLD). I wore some Bobbi Brown lip stains, really sheer things, as well as some Stila lip colors — back when they were doing the paper packaging, anyone remember that? A MAC Viva Glam or two, too. :)

Epic Hussy Red I didn’t pay much attention to lipstick or even makeup at all for a bunch of years; it’s only been since I started Birchbox that I’ve gotten back into it. (Ahhhh, Birchbox. For another post!) I wore MAC’s “Lame” and “Hold the Pose” for a while — nothing too exciting — and something from their Raquel Welch collection for a while. But then in my Birchbox two years ago I got Stila’s All-day Liquid lipstick in Beso. It’s red. It’s REALLY red. I was honestly like, “What the hell, this is too bright and it will look AWFUL,” but then I tried it on and it was MAGIC (check out my really awful picture). I have since renamed it “Epic Hussy Red,” pimped it out to my friends, and just wore it the other night to see U2 at the Garden. LIPSTICK INTEREST REVIVED, y’all.

So what’s in my bag this very hot summer day? Think light: Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry (sample from Sephora), Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in Perfect Kiss (sample from Birchbox), NARS Bahama, and MAC’s Mystical (aka “My lips but better”). Three out of the four are pencils; two of the pencils are light glosses. The chubby stick is for when I want a little something, the Mirenesse gives me a pop of color, and the NARS takes my lips a little dark, but not goth-dark. :) My reds (the Stila from above and NARS “Fire down below”) and my more gothy brown (NARS 413 BLKR) I’ll break out when it’s a little cooler out — I have time for those, but only a few more weeks left of summer!

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